Elaine Cloyd - Over the Edge AGAIN

Hi Everyone, I am going Over the Edge again for United Way and I get the privilege to represent Wesley Towers. My mom lives there and she and her friends cant wait to see me go Over the Edge
Goal $ 1,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 1,042.00 raised
Registration Fee
$ 100.00
Esther Smith
$ 50.00
Margaret Cabbage
$ 20.00
Wesley Towers Residents
$ 67.00
Norm Karlin
$ 25.00
You are so brave!
Mark Mains
$ 50.00
From all of us at Wesley Towers, THANK YOU ELAINE!
LaVerna W
$ 20.00
$ 700.00
$ 10.00
What would make me want to go Over the Edge again? I believe in the United Way and their mission. They have raised millions of dollars that goes back in to our community and in to the hand of the agencys they represent. AND, I want to try to rappel a little different this year. Please donate to my page. Any amount will help. Thank you