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It's time for me to step it up and over for the community I have lived in my entire life. Help me to make a difference ..... send me over the Edge June 2nd!!!! Thank you for your interest in wanting to help our community.  ...Read More
Please sponsor and help me achieve my personal contribution goal for United Way Over The Edge!   ...Read More
Again, watch him - Rappel on another plane where vertical becomes horizontal - And its without parallel - To his reality, virtually vertical - Think outside of his bOX - And watch him rappel down it - Cause he wants to give back - And thank - By rappelling down First National Bank - a fine time to design a benign rhyme and align malign for the answer - Without question - It's the answer - to support cancer-patients - With or without patience or time - And new discovery in recovery - Or victims of crime - Don't look away as i define - Away in a manger or shack - With parents addicted to smack - Without clothes or shoes - Homeless kids singing the blues - for domestic violence and abuse - The Depressed swingin in a noose - And for the hungry and the poor - Eatin garbage sleepin on the floor - Or ground - Look around and say - Yes, I will give to the United Way - Pray he makes it down safe - For Pete's Sakes - Or pray the rope breaks - On this day - Either way give (it up) to the United Way - Get your name written in his chalkline - With your dime, enjoy the show - On the sidewalk below - Rock the chalk on sidewalk talk - This time - In his chalk line - In front of the bank - To give back and thank  ...Read More
United Way helps our community in so many ways that we are and are not aware of that jumping off a building for them just seems like a small price to pay... it's not that high... it's not that high...   ...Read More
I am going Over the Edge for United Way of Reno County! Show your support and donate to my fundraiser to send me Over the Edge of the First National Bank Building on Main St. I want to repel down the side of the building on June 2, 2018! All funds raised go to support the United Way in Reno County. Your donation not only gets me closer to going "Over the Edge" it helps the United Way meet its goals by helping families in Reno County gain job stability, access to healthy food, safety, and healthcare! Thank you for supporting this cause!   ...Read More
My name is Heather Nelson and I'm the Child Care Director at Hadley Day Care Center. The United Way of Reno County has always been a huge financial supporter of our programs to help "Change our world one child at a time". This is my way of helping to support our United Way of Reno County. Please help me GO OVER THE EDGE by making a donation now! Thank you in advance.  ...Read More
Friends and Family, I have pledged to Go OVER THE EDGE for the United Way of Reno County! I will be buzzing around town asking for you support by donating to the wonderful cause that helps so many programs in our great community and our surrounding county communities! Please click the link below to donate today and help me reach my goal!   ...Read More
Hi there! My name is Victoria Kloepper! I am the branch manager at Envista Credit Union here in Hutch! I am choosing to participate in the Over the Edge as a way to give back to the Hutch community and my members at Envista. My goal is to raise the full $1,000 needed for the Over the Edge and then earn another $1,000 to TOSS MY BOSS!!! If I succeed, I am challenging my boss Andrea Kaberline to join me in this and go Over the Edge with me! Thank you in advance for your support!   ...Read More