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Hello there- You may know me as Curtis Overton. "I don't always go over the edge, but when I do, I support United Way of Reno County. " This great event will help raise funds to reach many in need. I encourage all my friends to give generously to send me "Over the Edge!"  ...Read More
Have you ever wished to throw me off a building? Here is your chance! Luckily, I will have safety gear to help me stay safe. I decided to join the United Way's "Over the Edge" campaign to give back to the community that has been so great to me and my family. Please click on the "Throw Me" button below to contribute to my campaign to go Over the Edge!  ...Read More
Allan Bartel has a passion for helping those in need - and he is excited to represent Mennonite Friendship Communities as he helps the projects supported by the United Way!  ...Read More
Have you ever wanted to throw your local car dealer Over the Edge of a building? Well here is your chance. Help us support our community!  ...Read More
The United Way supports many organizations and people in our community. Over the Edge will help raise valuable financial support for the United Way to continue serving in many ways.  ...Read More
Hey there!! I'm so glad you stopped by! Those who know me best know I am competitive to my core, and always up for a challenge. When I was approached about going "Over the Edge" for the United Way of Reno County by raising at least $1,000 to help my community, I jumped at the chance! Of course, this was after I weighed my motion sickness tendencies, and told myself to suck it up for the greater good of my community. ;) Wanna see me go Over the Edge?? Click the link below to donate to this amazing cause that provides support to so many programs in our community!  ...Read More
Come out on June 16th to support me as I go Over the Edge and make a donation to help support the health initiatives United Way partner agencies provide in our community.  ...Read More
I've been talking the talk and now it's time I walk the walk right Over The Edge! Please consider donating today!  ...Read More
Hi! I'd like to invite you to support my bid in going "Over the Edge"! Working with the United Way of Reno County is a great opportunity to provide funds for much needed services throughout our community.   ...Read More
I'm going Over the Edge for United Way!   ...Read More
Help support United Way by donating funds to help me reach my goal of $1,000 that will send me "over the edge" on June 16th!   ...Read More
Well, that's what his kids think. Luckily there will be a rope. Please help us support our community by giving back to the United Way!   ...Read More
Helping Over 100 Local NonProfit Organizations by Supporting the Volunteer Center!  ...Read More
I'm falling over the edge for infants and toddlers in Reno County.   ...Read More
How many other people have the chance to rappel off of who they work for and help a great cause all at the same time?? Please join me in helping raise donations, so I can rappel off of The First National Bank Building, while earning much needed funds for the United Way!   ...Read More
I'm ready to go over the edge and Rappel over the 1st National Bank Building. Of course I'll wear a costume!!!  ...Read More
Help me support all the great programs that United Way Reno County supports by pushing me Over the Edge!  ...Read More
I'm going Over the Edge to support United Way of Reno County and the work they do in our community.  ...Read More
I'm going Over the Edge to support United Way of Reno County!  ...Read More
Are you the One? CHECK OUT THE INCENTIVES TO DONATE TO MY PAGE: $100.00 or more to have a chance to win a week's vacation at a five star resort. $50.00 or more, I will clean YOUR house (a one time deal). $25.00, I will bake YOU a homemade apple pie   ...Read More
I am going Over the Edge of the First National Bank Building on June 16 in support of United Way of Reno County and their many partner agencies. Please donate to help me reach my fundraising goal!   ...Read More
Please Support Jim and Circles of Hope in Going Over the Edge for United Way!  ...Read More
I'm going Over the Edge to support United Way of Reno County and all of the great things they do!  ...Read More
Help support me in my efforts to raise funds for the United Way of Reno County.  ...Read More
Help me raise $1,000 to go "Over the Edge" in support of United Way Reno County  ...Read More