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Connecting Communities: United Way's Collaborative Approach Through Partnerships 

United Way of Reno County thrives on the power of community partnerships. From funded organizations to collaborative groups and dedicated volunteers, we're committed to connecting people with the resources they need for a brighter future. Through these vital partnerships, we amplify our impact, ensuring that individuals and families have access to essential support services and opportunities for growth and success. Together, we're building stronger, more resilient communities where everyone can thrive.




How We Help

United Way plays a pivotal role in connecting communities across Reno County. Through our support of local non-profit agencies, we provide essential resources and services to those in need. By collaborating with various non-profits and city/county agencies, we amplify our impact, fostering partnerships that drive meaningful change. Additionally, through the development of United Way programs, we address specific community needs, creating innovative solutions that empower individuals and families to thrive. Together, we're building stronger, more interconnected communities where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Community Funded Partners

United Way proudly backs 26 Reno County non-profits dedicated to our four focus areas: education, health, financial stability, and disaster recovery. Across these areas, over 30 unique programs provide crucial support to individuals throughout our community. From educational initiatives to health services, financial empowerment, and disaster relief efforts, our collaborative network ensures comprehensive assistance for those in need, fostering resilience and empowerment throughout Reno County.


Funded Partners



United Way Direct Programs

Our United Way of Reno County programs are dedicated to connecting individuals with vital resources, ensuring access to essential services and support. From promoting wellness and academic success to fostering economic independence and aiding in times of crisis, our programs are at the forefront of creating positive change and building resilient communities.




United Way 211 is a free, confidential service that connects you to a wide range of community resources across Kansas.



Dolly Parton Imagination LibraryDolly Parton Imagination Library

Through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, children receive free books from birth until age 5 in Reno County to foster early literacy skills and a love for reading from an early age. To learn more and sign your child up for Dolly Parton Imagination Library, visit our site here: 


Single CareSingle Care Prescription Program

United Way's Single Care Discount Prescription Drug Program is a lifeline for many in our community, ensuring individuals can afford the medication they need. By providing significant savings on prescription drugs, this program alleviates financial strain and ensures that vital healthcare remains accessible to all. 


Delta DentalDelta Dental Savings Program

The Delta Dental program in Reno County offers up to $3,000 in basic dental care coverage for just $10 per year. It ensures everyone in the region has access to essential dental services, promoting better oral health and overall well-being. 


Reno ConnectionsReno Connections

Reno Connections is a United Way of Reno County program, thanks to the Early Childhood Block Grant, and is in partnership with The Hutchinson Public Library.  Through this program we are building a comprehensive case management, systems navigation, and referrals platform.  This is a low-barrier program that aims to empower families to achieve their goals and not only maintain stability but work towards thriving.



Community Partnerships

United Way of Reno County's Community Partnership initiatives are committed to collaborative impact across all our focus areas: health, education, financial stability, and disaster recovery. By uniting resources and efforts through strategic partnerships and collective action, we drive meaningful change and foster sustainable solutions for individuals in our community.

Here are a few of the conversations we are leading or engaging with in Reno County in an effort to make progress on our community's most important issues:

  • K-Ready Reno County
  • Mental Health Community Council
  • Stepping Up Community Council
  • Reno Connections
  • Reno Recovery Collaborative
  • Reno County Volunteer Active in Disaster (VOAD)
  • HEAL Reno County
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Pathways Grant Implementation
  • Nonprofits Connect
  • Childcare Task Force
  • Unhoused Conversation