Disaster Recovery


Rebuilding Resilience: United Way's Commitment to Disaster Recovery 

United Way is committed to aiding disaster recovery efforts in Reno County. Through collaborative partnerships and strategic initiatives, we stand ready to support individuals and families affected by crises, offering assistance to rebuild and regain stability. With a focus on resilience and community well-being, United Way is dedicated to fostering recovery and renewal in the aftermath of disasters, ensuring that no one faces adversity alone. 






Building Back Stronger: United Way's Disaster Recovery Goals

United Way is committed to aiding disaster recovery efforts in our community. By providing families with essential resources such as job training, housing support, and financial tools, we aim to empower individuals to regain independence in the aftermath of crises. Through collaborative partnerships with businesses, community organizations, and local government, we're dedicated to helping families rebuild and thrive economically, ensuring a resilient future for all.

Our Disaster Recovery Goals Are:

  • Ensure that all individuals and families affected by disasters have access to immediate assistance and long-term support services.




How We Help

During times of crisis, United Way serves as a lifeline, connecting individuals and families with essential resources for disaster recovery. Through our network of support, we offer immediate relief and long-term assistance to those impacted by natural disasters, facilitating access to emergency shelter, food, counseling, and rebuilding services. Our commitment is to ensure that no one navigates the challenges of recovery alone, empowering communities to rebuild stronger and more resilient than before.

Community Funded Partners

United Way of Reno County stands behind several local non-profits dedicated to being a resource during times of uncertainty during a disaster. These organizations include:

  • American Red Cross

Learn more about all of our funded partners here.


United Way Direct Programs

United Way of Reno County is committed to facilitating disaster recovery efforts in our community by providing vital connections to essential resources. Through our 2-1-1 program, individuals are connected to resources, empowering them to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of crises. Together, we're forging pathways to resilience, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive even in the face of adversity.




United Way 211 is a free, confidential service that connects you to a wide range of community resources across Kansas.

Community Partnerships

United Way of Reno County's Community Partnership initiative is dedicated to collaborative impact in addressing financial stability needs within our communities. By uniting resources and efforts through strategic partnerships and collective action, we drive meaningful change and foster sustainable solutions for individuals in our community.

Here are a few of the programs we are leading or engaging with in Reno County, specifically focused on financial stability initiatives, to make progress:

  • Reno County Volunteers Active in Disaster (VOAD)
  • Nonprofits Connect




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