Unlocking Potential: United Way's Commitment to Education

Raising children is a difficult job. Families need quality child care to get kids ready for kindergarten, access to technology and books to help them keep up, and educational support when they fall behind.

United Way works to ensure that families in Reno County have the resources to help their children start school ready to learn and graduate prepared for success in life. We know that to ensure the future success of our region, we need to support our community’s children now.







Empowering Futures: Our Education Goals

United Way is committed to shaping brighter futures through education. Our goals are clear: ensure every child enters kindergarten prepared, guide students to excel in reading and math, and support high school graduates as they pursue further education or career paths. With strong dedication, we empower individuals to succeed, enriching lives and strengthening communities. 

Our Education Goals Are: 

  • Children Enter Kindergarten Ready to Learn
  • Students are On or Above Grade Level in Reading and Math
  • Students graduate from high school prepared for college or post-secondary training, enroll in college or a certificate program, graduate or complete their program, and enter the workforce




How We Help

We champion initiatives aimed at improving education and creating opportunities for youth in our community. Through funded community partnerships, United Way direct programs, and collaborative efforts, we're dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of our young people.

Community Funded Partners

United Way of Reno County stands behind several local non-profits dedicated to enhancing education and the lives of youth in our community. These organizations include:

  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Early Education Center
  • Hadley Day Care Center
  • Kansas Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  • Kansas Children's Service League
  • Quivira Council Boy Scouts
  • Rise Up Reno
  • USD 308 Child Care Center
  • YMCA
United Way Direct Programs

United Way's direct programs are instrumental in supporting youth and families in our community, offering vital resources and services such as the Dolly Parton Imagination Library and our dental and prescription discount programs.

Dolly Parton Imagination LibraryDolly Parton Imagination Library

Through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, children receive free books from birth until age 5 in Reno County to foster early literacy skills and a love for reading from an early age. To learn more and sign your child up for Dolly Parton Imagination Library, visit our site here: 


Single CareSingle Care Prescription Program

United Way's Single Care Discount Prescription Drug Program is a lifeline for many in our community, ensuring individuals can afford the medication they need. By providing significant savings on prescription drugs, this program alleviates financial strain and ensures that vital healthcare remains accessible to all. 


Delta DentalDelta Dental Savings Program

The Delta Dental program in Reno County offers up to $3,000 in basic dental care coverage for just $10 per year. It ensures everyone in the region has access to essential dental services, promoting better oral health and overall well-being. 

Community Partnerships

United Way of Reno County's Community Partnership initiative focuses on collaborative impact, uniting resources and efforts to address critical needs within our communities. Through strategic partnerships and collective action, United Way leverages its network to drive meaningful change and foster sustainable solutions for individuals in our community.

Here are a just a few of the programs we are leading or engaging with in Reno County, specifically around Education, to make progress:

  • K-Ready Reno County
  • Childcare Task Force

View all of our Community Partnership Initiatives here.




Resources and Links

Hey Little Hutch is your local guide for ages 0-5: local events, childcare and preschools, and early learning resources.