Horizons Mental Health - Prevention, Education & Outreach Program

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United Way of Reno County supports the following programs at Horizons Mental Health Center: 


The Personal Safety Awareness Program teaches children how to avoid becoming victims of sexual assault.  

     - Visit Website - (http://www.childsexualabuseprograms.com/)


Our goal through the Prevention, Education, and Outreach program is to provide the most effective educational and preventative services and programs to children, adolescents, educators, adults, parents/guardians, business leaders, law enforcement officers, faith community members, medical professionals and families in our communities.  We hope that through all we do, independently and in partnership with other community organizations, we help create a community that is understanding and supportive of those with emotional, social, and physical disabilities. 

Horizons partners with the United Way of Reno County for the following:

     Mental Health First Aid

We call this mental health literacy - or a basic understanding of what different mental illnesses and addictions are, how they can affect a person's daily life, and what helps individuals experienceing these challenges get well.

      - Visit Website - (https://www.hutchregional.com/locations-services/horizons-mental-health…)

     ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

ASIST is a two-day interactive workshop that prepares caregivers to provide life-assisting suicide first-aid intervention using the Pathway for Assisting Life (PAL) model.  Research shows that ASIST provides long-term financial benefit to communities and that ASIST-trained caregivers help those with thoughts of suicide feel less suicidal and more hopeful.

      - Visit Website - (https://www.hutchregional.com/locations-services/horizons-mental-health…)

Horizons also provides educational presentations and workshops on a variety of other topics including: 

     Crisis Intervention

     Stress & Anxiety

CAC (Child Advocacy Center)

The primary purpose of the CAC is to provide a comprehensive, coordinated response to the investigation of child sexual, or severe physical abuse allegations in a multidisciplinary team approach between law enforecment, child protective service workers, advocacy, prosecution, mental health and medical agencies. 

To provide victims with a trained forensic interview in a child focused, non threatening, and neutral setting.

Provide advocacy and resources to reduce trauma in victims and family members. 

Enhance commuity awareness of child abuse.