Rally Reno Nonprofit Response Grants: $34,150 to Local Agencies


HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The incredible generosity of area residents with the Rally Reno campaign is now showing its benefits. Ten nonprofit organizations received a total of $34,150 Monday in the first round of grants issued from the recently formed Rally Reno Nonprofit Response Fund.

The money comes from a $110,000 pool funded by donors of the United Way of Reno County and Hutchinson Community Foundation. The grants are aimed at expanding local nonprofits’ capacities to continue providing services during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The strength of our nonprofits will determine the depth of our community’s ability to recover from this crisis,” said Lisa Gleason, United Way of Reno County executive director. “Investing in those organizations that are critical to supporting those in need ensures that they are able to hold to purpose and serve their mission. We are really proud of our joint effort with the Community Foundation to give support where needed. Together we are stronger.”

A panel of community leaders awarded the following grants:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Reno County: $2,000 to contribute to the cost of regular operations, which includes staff support for matches and continued virtual enrollment of Littles and Bigs.

Emanuel Lutheran Church: $750 to cover the costs of purchasing bags from Aldi to use for commodities distribution during the COVID-19 crisis when businesses that normally donate boxes for this purpose have been closed and are not receiving as many boxes to share.

First Call for Help: $2,500 for operational funding to replenish supplies and reopen programs that serve qualifying residents of Reno County.

Food Bank of Reno County Inc.: $5,000 to purchase additional freezer, increasing the food bank's capacity to receive frozen food rather than turning it away, especially during a time of increased need for food.

Hutchinson Art Association Inc.: $1,500 to cover the costs of an instructor, art supplies and equipment for video recording of virtual art camp sessions, adapting to social distancing practices, and to cover the costs of advertising the camp that will be held this summer.

Milestone Clubhouse-Hutchinson: $1,000 to purchase computers so that more clients can access job-search information.

New Beginnings Inc.: $10,000 to help with payroll, expanded payroll, backup funds for clients unable to pay program fees or rent, and equipment for the social-enterprise jobs program.

Reins of Hope Therapeutic Riding Program: $2,400 to provide financial support so the organization can serve 80 clients with private lessons following social distancing rules while keeping costs minimal.

Salvation Army of Hutchinson: $2,500 to help pay for staff salaries and utilities, offsetting lost income caused by the Thrift Store’s closure during stay-at-home orders.

Wesley Towers: $6,500 to purchase additional equipment for staff and to help meet the increased costs of administration/record-keeping during the crisis.

“Reno County nonprofits have experienced lost revenue plus increased needs for the clients they serve – a big hit to the bottom line,” said Aubrey Abbott Patterson, Hutchinson Community Foundation president and CEO. “We anticipate that the need for emergency grants to fill the gap will continue for many months, and we will need further support from our very generous community.”

Those who would like to make a gift to the Rally Reno Nonprofit Response Fund may contact Patterson at aubrey@hutchcf.org or 620-200-0175 or Gleason at lgleason@unitedwayofrenocounty.org or 620-669-9329.